When you call upon your Higher Self, do you know whom you are calling? Most people think they have just one Higher Self to call upon, but when you really think about your multidimensional self, it becomes clearer that you have many Higher Selves. In fact, you have a Higher Self for each of your dimensions. Yes, that means you have 12 Higher Selves all there to support your spiritual development. Each Higher Self is different from every other in its perspective and purpose depending upon the dimension from which it emanates. In other words, each Higher Self, which corresponds to a particular dimension of you, provides the wisdom input for you based on the lessons and learnings for you in that particular dimension. As each dimension up to and including the 8th dimension acts somewhat separately from the other dimensional aspects of yourself, so too each Higher Self represents you only from the dimensional aspect to which it corresponds.

For example, if you ask your 5th dimensional Higher Self to voice your soul purpose, it will voice a purpose representing your 5h dimensional spiritual goals which will be very different from the purposes of your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th dimensional selves. Therefore, when I wish for some information for myself, I tend to say, “I wish to call upon the Higher Self or Selves that would provide me with the most useful wisdom based on my question, prayer to intention.

Generally, if I want some information for my own personal life, I like to call in my 4th dimensional Higher Self. When I want information about my soul purpose for this life, the deepest issues regarding my spiritual development for this life, karmic or past life information, I call on my 5th dimensional Higher Self. These two Higher Selves understand human existence in all its glories and pains and provide guidance that can be put to more practical use in day to day life. Below the 4th dimension, the input does not communicate purely; the wisdom is definitely tainted with ego interference and so there is not much transcendent wisdom. Above the 5th dimension, the information tends to be fairly meaningless personally as the perspective here is so large and beyond the vicissitudes of any one lifetime or individual personality viewpoint. Here is where you find the spirit’s perspective.

(See Description of the Dimensions).


Your Oversoul is another name for your 10th dimensional self. I have designated this Higher Self with a special name as indeed it is a very special kind of Higher Self. As I mentioned earlier in the Dimension definition (link to Dimension definition), in the 1-8th dimensions, there is a level of separation between and among the dimensions which exists. Each dimension represents a separate and unique aspect of you. The 10th dimensional self represents the first level of self that has the capacity to simultaneously connect to all of the lower aspects of self (1-9) all at the same time. In other words, it represents the first level of self to be most nearly non-dual or unified.


I use the term inner planes to refer to your inner spiritual landscapes about which you are unconscious or unaware. For example, I might write, “In your inner planes, you are now mastering light emanations.” I would mean that outside of your awareness, in some other dimensional aspect of yourself, you are working on those energetic practices. This activity would be happening simultaneously with your day-to-day reality, albeit outside your conscious awareness.

By contrast, I use the term outer planes to refer to what we consider to be consensus reality here on this planet in 3rd dimension, that is, the physically manifested reality that you are consciously aware of that exists. If I were to write, “In your outer planes, you are focusing on your next job assignment” that would reference your day-to-day life.

The vast majority of what is really happening to us is going on multidimensionally, outside of our conscious awareness.


When I talk about nonduality, what exactly do I mean? Very simply put, nonduality means unity consciousness. But let’s take this a step further. When I use this word, it usually has a context. For example, if I am writing about the nondual energies of the 11th dimension, I am referring to the fact that at this vibration there is only unity, with no separation, no polarities like right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark. This means there is no Dark Force.

I will frequently use this word in context to talk about a nondual resolution to a problem. When referring to a nondual resolution to an intrapsychic or interpersonal situation, this implies that the conflicting issues or parties involved come to an agreement that is mutually satisfying and inclusive of both sides. Nothing unresolved is left out. The unified resolution points both sides of the issue or both parties in the same direction. There is no compromise in this type of resolution as no one gives up anything. The end result is far better than either side on its own would have created.


For example, John says that he wants to spend the day with Mary. His idea of good time is to go for a hike and hers is to go to a very particular movie at a particular time at a local theatre. After a discussion, the resolution works out that if they take a hike to a new place about an hour’s distance away, that would land them in a town that has an independent film that both of them had talked about going to see on and off for the last several months. This is a nondual resolution.

If we take the concept of nonduality even further, we come up with an even more ingenious, creative solution that works seamlessly and without effort. The next example is that of a nondual way. A nondual way is a way of existing or relating to reality that allows change and resolution to happen in a natural and organic way. The result simply emerges from both persons staying present and open to the endless possibilities that await them.


For example, John and Mary want to spend the day together. Mary wants to go to a movie and John for a hike. In the process of talking about how to sequence the day, the phone rings and in the course of the conversation, Mark, the friend on the phone, happens to mention an art exhibit that he read about in an article in the paper. The friend can’t remember the details of where the exhibit was or when it started. John and Mary are excited about the exhibit, find the article in the paper and decide to go. Beforehand, they go for a long jaunt in the city and in the process discover a whole other section of town with shops that they both loved. They end up spending hours wandering through shops and never get to the exhibit, movie or hike but are happily as two peas in a pod.

I work this resolution with my partner all the time. He usually like to have city stimulation more than I do and I generally like to spread my consciousness wide out in the far reaches of nature that has a pure feeling to it. But I love new experiences. What usually happens is that our discussion starts with a voicing of our choices for the day and then ideas are put on the table. In the end, we usually take a ride out to some wonderful nature place and stumble bumble our way into a little town with some novel stimulation that both of us thoroughly enjoy. Or we stumble bumble our way to the train station, and find a delightful day trip that takes us through gorgeous nature on the ride and lands us in a new town for the novelty.


In this situation, there is no resolution that both sides can agree upon. In fact, it is usually the case in this situation that both parties want exactly the opposite resolution. And yet the universe in its infinite creative wisdom fashions a wondrous illusion that allows both parties to think they got their way. In this situation, reality manipulates itself and there can even be an unnerving feeling from both sides when they realize the other is content with the solution for the strangest of reasons.

For example, the shareholders of a major corporation deem that it is in the best interest of the company to sell the company while the CEO is fully committed to self-profit and self-aggrandizement. His position is a solid “no sell.” He is solely after corporate profits that he can rake in. In this example, the chief financial officer of the company who strongly felt that selling the company was in everyone’s long term best interests began to practice some meditations asking for a quantum resolution. Spirit creatively shape shifted reality in response so that each side perceives that they have gotten the resolution they desired. In the above example, the CEO finally decided to sell the company only because he had recently discovered that with the money from the sellout, he could become famous as a benefactor…the emphasis is on famous, not benefactor. His goal was to become known for his funding as part of his own need for self-inflation. While this was an obviously outrageous motive to sell, the company was indeed sold. In this example, there was a win/win but not because both sides agreed on the actual true nature of the outcome. Reality with the aid of spirit configured the situation so that each side can retained their original intention and purpose despite the fact that the intentions were diametrically opposed!


The term spirit for me is synonymous with your true spiritual nature that exists beyond fifth dimensional reality. Your spirit resides in a realm that is beyond matter or material expression. Spirit as a word implies that you are beyond the dimensional realms where past lives and karma exist. Here, beginning in the 6th dimension, a more true and complete remembrance begins and there is a profound shift in the level of interconnection and unity that you experience.

When your spirit chooses to incarnate into realms below the 6th dimension, it takes on the trappings of what I call a soul. The soul, a spiritual matrix in the energy field and physical body, is one of the primary structures that allows you to forget your true nature and live in a realm of more duality and/or separation. When you take on the mantle of the soul you agree to forget your true identity as pure spirit.

As this is somewhat of a precarious situation for spirit to be in, the master Creators decided that they would create a universe that was full of spiritual lineages, that is, ascended masters whose sole responsibility was to create blueprints or maps for your soul back to its original spirit. These maps or blueprints outline a way for you to gradually evolve your soul back to spirit. These maps or blueprints coalesced into what we now call initiations.

As the story continues, at a certain point in the evolution of a soul, the soul is invited to join a form of “spiritual night school”. In night school, the soul is shown a catalogue of all of the spiritual lineages, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Eckankar, Christianity, Judaism, Muslim traditions, et cetera.. The catalogue describes each lineage, its traditions, ascended masters and basic principles by which it operates. Signing up with a spiritual lineage ensures that the soul is tagged and tracked until it lives out its blueprint back to spirit. The lineage is implanted into the structure of your energy field, governing the soul’s evolution through the universe.

There are enough spiritual lineages to form an entire universe to house them. Each one operates according to its own principles and there are vast differences among lineages. Some adhere to reincarnation while others do not. How you transition when you die, and the choices you have about where you go when you die are determined by your lineage. The wonder of your lineage is that no matter how “lost” your soul becomes in any of the dimensions, it is tracked and looked after by your lineage according to Spiritual Law. No soul is ever left to its own devices once it chosen a lineage.

As you lineage is part of the hardware of your energy field, it can operate quietly and silently behind the scenes. Even if you feel you have no conscious spiritual lineage connection or practice, it is still possible and most likely probable to have a lineage connection. And even odder, if you have a conscious spiritual practice in this lifetime, it is highly possible that that lineage is not the overriding spiritual lineage that is deeply rooted into your soul existence. Eligibility for a lineage happens by virtue of your spiritual attainment which is again, determined by your overall level of spiritual evolution. Generally, beings that exist in 1st and some 2nd dimensional realms do not have spiritual lineage connections and therefore, no cohesive spiritual blueprint. They are however, overseen, by very special spiritual guides. The Buddhists refer to these guides as boddisatvas.

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