Our former discussion now leads to more depth exploration of a whole other facet to the Magnetic grids. As you are probably beginning to realize, these grids essentially maintain our humanness and our human connection to the planet. As we venture just another step further and deeper into the magnitude of the magnetic grid system, we bump into other vast arrays of alternative forms of magnetic grids. Imagine if you will a great river. This is the Magnetic grid flow lines. Off of the river are smaller tributaries. And off of these tributaries are even smaller ones. These tributaries represent the ley lines, leyr lines and muyr lines.

Ley lines and their subsets, leyr lines and muyr lines have a very distinct function in the maintenance of cultures, customs, spiritual mythologies and the well being and spiritual nourishment of the land on this planet.

Certain cultures have an embodied spirituality that does not separate their cultural identity, customs and rituals, from their spirituality and spiritual myths, from their connection to the planet. Culture, land and spiritually are inextricably linked. What holds these connections in place? And even more importantly, what does this inextricable link provide for the planet?

As you can probably imagine, the inner spiritual landscape of these earth based spiritual lineages differ from spiritual lineages like Christianity that does not include earth based spiritual rituals. These cultures and tribes rarely have an inner planes landscape that corresponds to the classic dimensions. They live in the inner planes in worlds or realms. A common example of a world would be the concept of upper and lower worlds or underworlds. Indigenous tribes in general inhabit spiritually unique landscapes that we call worlds/realms. (link to words/realms).

The worlds or inner spiritual landscapes of these traditions are connected and anchored into the earth via ley lines, a subset of the magnetic grids. Once the spiritual worlds of these cultures fuse with the magnetic grids through the ley lines, the download of the mythologies of these cultures begins. The gods and goddesses are transported from the worlds to the earth through the ley lines. The mythologies of cultures represent the intersection of the realms of spirit and the earth. Mythologies typically include the origin of the culture and its beliefs as it relates to the earth experience. This is a powerful merging. The leyr lines conduct this process. They translate the spiritual worlds to the earth and convert them to mythologies and customs and rituals. Once this link has been established the earth craves to drink in this spiritual sustenance. Remember the earth longed to be inhabited and partnered by other dimensions and worlds. More refined tributaries exist, the leyr lines, which conduct the sustenance through all of the earth and its lands.

I remember when I was a child and we had milk delivered by the milkman to our door. He had a very prescribed delivery route and all of us in the neighborhood waited weekly for our supplies. Mom really didn’t like it if the milk ran out! The leyr lines are the milkman’s delivery route, delivering the milk of spiritual nourishment to the neighborhood of the planet.

As this spiritual nectar is further transported around the globe, its frequency is further transduced down into a digestible form for all of the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. The muyr lines deliver this digestible form of energy to these kingdoms. In this way, the whole of the earth thrives from the vitality and expression of tribal customs, ways of being and rituals. This is life as its best in an interconnected way.

This is why the loss of indigenous tribes is such a vastly important issue on the planet. As tribes and tribal ways become lost and extinct, the earth and all of her species become deprived of essential spiritual vitality.

Through the networked system of the magnetic grids, ley lines, leyr lines and muyr lines, the earth based spiritual lineages, the indigenous tribes and all of their corresponding customs are interwoven into a finely hued tapestry that supports life for humans, plants, animals, minerals and the whole of the land of the earth.

(Please see videotaped teaching of my doing the aboriginal dreamtime masters walking the earth in either workshops or Greeley)

(Future videotape story of Ireland and Crough Patrick)