Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is designed to give you powerful, practical tools, techniques, wisdom and inspiration for creating radiant happiness, health and healing… for experiencing abundance, prosperity, freedom, peace and flow in your life… so that you can play your essential part in this shift, and together we can change the world for the better, one heart and mind at a time. 

Earth Peoples United - An organization dedicated to connect people to the natural and spiritual world, and to bridge the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today, so that the diversity of life can flourish for future generations. EPU is dedicated to providing a model of connecting with nature, bringing wisdom keepers and traditions together, and growing natural foods and medicines in a healthy, sustainable environment. They are the stewards of 1700 acres of land in Northern California.

Sacred Fire Foundation - is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization that supports initiatives that honor and sustain Indigenous spiritual approaches, Traditional Knowledge, and the ancestral ways that foster global balance and sustainability. Through articles and stories, poetry, humor and art, Sacred Fire calls us to re-awaken and listen to the deep inner heart voice within each of us, so we can find healing, create loving relationships and build communities that honor and celebrate the Divine energies alive and at play in the world. Sacred Fire Magazine brings traditional wisdom to a modern world in need of sustainable spiritual solutions.

Bioneers - The Bioneers Conference is a leading-edge forum where you can see tomorrow today: a future environment of hope. Social and scientific innovators focus on breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. These visionaries are already creating the healthy, diverse, equitable and beautiful world we want to live in—our legacy for future generations and the web of life on which our lives depend. You can connect with hundreds or thousands of engaged folks making a real difference.

Lead by WisdomJoyce Anastasia works to empower leaders to make positive transformation in their lives and in the World, with abundance and dynamic life balance. She published the book Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times, to help catalyze ever-greater wisdom as we walk and lead our lives and impact the world around us.  

Tierra Sagrada–Sacred Earth Foundation - a non-profit organization dedicated to preservation of indigenous cultures and their environments, as well as educating the public with the wisdom they have shared. An organization closely aligned to our own hearts!

Tom Kenyon - teacher, scientist, sound healer, psychotherapist, musician, songwriter, singer, shaman and writer. Learn more about him, his music, and upcoming workshops.

Jaison Starks - Jaison deals with the mechanics of quantum acceleration and its effects on the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

 Riding with this quantum shift requires knowledge and tools that Jaison can provide. For more than twenty years Jaison has been the willing conduit for a wise group of inner-dimensional beings called The Nine. Applying the principles taught by The Nine will allow you to shed old "baggage", dissolve blockages that have held you back and stifled the realization of your full potential.  See a Video sample of Jaison work.

World Viewz Media - An interactive multimedia website where people from around the world come together through blogs, pictures and videos.

Matrix Energetics is dedicated to bringing this new consciousness shift and personal power of transformation and healing to as many people as possible. Dedicated to showing people how to access new possibilities. When people can observe and see for themselves verifiable physical changes rapidly as happens when using Matrix Energetics, it helps them to accept these new possibilities and makes it real for them.

Jonathan Quintin on Sacred Geometry - Sacred geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life… from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars.

The Monroe Institute - The Monroe Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and unique research organization “dedicated to providing a positive environment for the continuing transformation of human consciousness.”  See the video. 

The SEED Graduate Institute - started in 1996 to bridge Indigenous wisdom and modern ways of knowing, SEED continues to develop unique interdisciplinary subject matter emphasizing the evolution of experiential fields as a cornerstone to academic learning.  SEED hosts a yearly conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. See the videos.

TED - TED stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design. Begun in 1984, TED is a special conference intended to bring people together from those three arenas through “inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers”.  The website provides videos of presenters at the TED conference.

Global Oneness Project - This blog/video site explores how the radically simple notion of oneness can be lived in our increasingly complex world.

The Healing Arts Native Links - This is a good reference tool with an extensive list of unique sites related to Native American Indians and/or their healing ways.

Caroline Myss - Best-selling author & world-famous medical intuitive. This site contains audio and video clips of Caroline Myss, information regarding her educational institute and some thought-provoking articles.

Climate Healers - Climate Healers is a non-profit organization created to combat the climate crisis.  Climate Healers is working towards a solution to reverse global climate change based on the observation that if one-sixth of the ice-free land area of the earth is reforested, then world CO2 emissions would likely become negative.

Poetry Chaikhana - This site joyfully shares the sacred poetry of cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions from around the world.

Dalai Lama - The official website of his holiness Dalai Lama featuring his teachings, speech texts and webcasts.

California Institute of Integral Studies - CIIS is an institute whose primary mission is to integrate Mind, Body & Spirit in Higher Education.  This site introduces the philosophy behind “Integral Education,” CIIS’s history and expanded mission, and its diverse, holistic programs.

Sacred Journey of the Heart - This film Led by inspirational teacher and intuitive counselor Ronna Prince, this heart journey will take you to the depths and the heavens, to the past and into the future with hope and deep understanding of how we are in the midst of creating the biggest shift of consciousness of all times in the PRESENT: Heart-based living.

Association for the Children of Mozambique - ASEM Mozambique is an organization that works on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children of Mozambique. Since 1992, ASEM has helped more than 20,000 children at the centers, with schooling, health care, shelter, psychological support, vocational training and more.

Angel Luis Figueroa runs Paws Music, an organization dedicated to the pedagogy of Afro-Cuban percussion through a series of workshops in Los Angeles, CA.  Workshops are custom designed for schools, youth groups or other organizations. Angel is a prominent performer of bongos, congas, batá, and timbales, he has collaborated and toured with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Mongo Santamaría, The Temptations, and Celia Cruz. After mastering salsa and rumba music, he traced the roots of his influences back to Africa via the Caribbean practice of Santería.  A sample of this music can viewed here.