An Introduction

This course is about "life, the universe, and everything". It explores ideas about consciousness, inter-connectedness, spirituality and co-evolution from a multidimensional viewpoint. In this view, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience existing in many levels in addition to the physical, and we are intimately intertwined with these levels and with all things. This course combines material culled from ancient and modern mystical traditions as well as modern physics. It assumes that, since we are both rational and mystical beings, both rational and mystical forms of information are important to us.

This course explores who we are as Humans on planet Earth at this time in history. We are living in an amazing and pivotal time. In our 20th century, vast bodies of ancient wisdom, that had been unavailable to any but devoted adepts for hundreds of years, suddenly exploded into the world at large. This created a wave of change sweeping through Western culture. In the same timeframe, Western science exploded with new discoveries of the structure of reality that drove it from its mired, mechanistic view into a "quantum" view which up until this point resided only in the realm of the mystics. Western science and culture have not yet recovered from either of these explosions, and the wave of change is still cresting. This is a time to revel in the knowledge and insights that are increasingly available, but also to face with courage the huge challenge of reconstructing our entire belief system and the material effects that go with it. This course attempts to present both these fascinating new ideas and some of the practical transformative wisdom that are supporting and informing this time of change.


The Universe is multidimensional.
So are you.
So is the Earth.
So is everything.

This has to be so, because you (and the Earth and everything) are part of the Universe, and whatever is fundamentally true for the Whole is fundamentally true for the parts.


You may not consciously know that you are multidimensional.
You may not consciously experience your own multidimensional nature.
You may not consciously know or experience Earth's multidimensional nature, or that of the Universe.
But that's okay.

Your "job" as a human is to:
(1) Experience the richness of the dimensions you do know and    
(2) Evolve so you can experience more.

You cannot avoid evolving.
But you can get "stuck" for long periods of "time".
This can be painful.
Getting unstuck can also be painful if you have gotten used to being stuck.

Don't despair.  Help is available.