The following material is presented for you to learn about concepts and ideas to which you may or may not have had exposure. We have interspersed clips relative to the topic being presented to further augment your understanding. Some of this material is a distillation or excerpt from a complete film compilation which is available for DVDs/CD section of our website. We highly recommend if you find one of the topic presentations intriguing, that you order the corresponding DVD set to get the full depth of understanding contextually. We have found that when viewing the DVDs, vibrations and energies being transmitted at the time of filming are experienced by the viewer.

The team at F4GH is grateful to have met, studied with, and documented people of traditional wisdom as well as contemporary pioneers in the investigation of what it means to be human—who we are, why we’re here, where we’re heading. We have learned fascinating things, individually on our own personal journeys and collectively in this Foundation with the ultimate goal of approaching the evolution of our human family and planet with grace, compassion and love. Remembering that we are all one, connected, and part of something much greater than the surface level of our experiences here on this magnificent planet is what we are dedicated to understand and help others to embrace. In doing so, we want to say that any and all of the material provided herein, is included because we feel that there is validity and truth in this information as a body of work. However, please recognize that although WE feel this way, we hope that each of you will use your own mechanism to discern the truth and validity for YOU. We invite you to approach this material with an open heart and mind. It will help you to suspend judgment and provide an opportunity to be open to something that challenges your current beliefs thus broadening your perspective of how you see yourself and others. We truly hope that relationships with yourselves, others and all there is, deepens and becomes richer by what you learn and experience here and throughout our entire website. 

Explorations… Topics

written by Judith Sworta, edited by the F4GH staff


Awareness and Perspective—A Deeply Intertwined System

The Universe is Multidimensional

Co-Evolving in a Grand Experience

The Complexities of Nature — Part I

The Complexities of Nature — Part II



by Patricia Fields, PsyD


Background On What It Means To Be Human—Operating Manual

Basic Concepts and Vocabulary
Beyond the Chakras: Advanced Energetic Structures

12 Chakras—12 Dimensional Connections 

Transdimensional Levels

Magnetic Grids
Ley Lines, Leyr Lines and Muyr Lines

Core Star
Your Universal Autobiography 

Other Important Concepts

Useful Extra Features in the Human Energy Field

Cosmic (Master) Archetypes
The Basic Building Blocks of the Universe

Models of Healing 
Your Own Model of Self