When we are born, our multidimensionality contained by the dimensional grids locks into place like the buckling of a seat belt into the magnetic grids of the earth. These two grid systems, the dimensional grids and the magnetic grids, lock into one another at a 90 degree angles and when that happens, you are officially a citizen of Planet Earth! If the dimensional grids give us our multidimensional spiritual identity, the magnetic grids give us our earth identity.

The magnetic grids are energy grids that exist within the earth and which act as energetic scaffolding for the ley lines or earth’s meridian lines. These grids mediate and cross connect other forms of energy within the earth and also hold the inner kingdoms of the earth in place. Connecting to magnetic energy which emanates from within the iron ore core of the earth, these grids propagate within them a slow and deep sound-wave frequency. The vibration of the very famous sound of “OM” is a magnetic grid deep sound wave frequency. This deep inaudible sound wave is so powerful that as it propagates, it constantly cleanses the collective unconscious of the various cultures which live on the land that these grids permeate through. The vibrations of these sound waves were created to be able to penetrate even the most dual or separating energies that frequent the body and matter itself. So these vibrations were designed to even more potent than high frequency light waves when cleansing or healing matter, earth related karma or physical tissue structures as they affect matter directly.

The importance of the magnetic grids cannot be overestimated. They carry within them the history of the earth, the history of the spiritual evolution and devolution of the planet and the heritage of all of the living beings on the earth. They track the evolution of matter itself on the planet. The magnetic grids, unlike the dimensional grids, support no dimensions or chakras, nor do they convey emotions or beliefs. They do bind together the inner realms of the earth, however.

As we are the planet, the human energy field also contains magnetic grids which directly contact the organs and physical structures of the tissues of the body. The soul seat of the magnetic grids rests within the solar plexus area of the body and the energy that fuels this point comes into the body through the back not the front chest area. The hara point or tantien is another major magnetic grid point. It connects to a whole line of energies called the hara line. When the soul incarnates it usually write an energetic soul blueprint that is like an architect’s drawing that contains the energetic blueprint for the lessons to be learned this lifetime. These energetic blueprints are then translated into real life events that give rise to the very curriculum of the soul. The hara and hara line energies act as the contractor for the architect, constructing the actual real time, real life scenarios of the soul.

Other prominent magnetic grid attachment points in the body can be found in the joints, like in the ankles, knees, hips, wrists, and elbows.

Other prominent functions of the magnetic grids include its role in setting up the structures in the human body for survival. The magnetic grids hold in place something I call the core. The core is an eighth dimensional energy structure that spans between pure energy and matter. Primarily during the first 6 years of life, the parents of the infant/toddler/young child energetically inscribe the child with survival imprints. These imprints contain information related to how to be safe, how to survive and also (unlike animals), primal beliefs about life, love, relationships, emotions and emotional regulation. The core is held in place by the magnetic grids.

The magnetic grids are responsible for providing the energetic structure that allows the earth to be “alive”, energetically, physically, and spiritually. Within our own bodies, the magnetic grids enable us to be alive by holding our field onto the planet, securing the core survival blueprints and transporting pure life chi through us.

The distinction between the Dimensional grids and Magnetic grids is of special importance to healers. Many healers work from the premise that emotions, thoughts and spiritual karma or soul related issues are the source of disease, stress, and pain and suffering at large. These healers direct their healing energies to dimensional grid work. I say that these healers work on the “mind” portion of the mind/body continuum. Magnetic grid healers on the other hand, do not subscribe to the same principles for healing. A magnetic grid healer activates these grids that then propagate sound directly to the organs and tissues. The body structures in the face of this pure and powerful energy throw off any lower vibrations that impact them, regardless of specific emotion or belief. Since the two grid systems are connected, the effect of work on one grid system will be passed along to its counterpart. Magnetic grid healers, then, work on the “body” part of the mind/body connection.

When the magnetic grids are activated within the body, the normal range of sensory reactions produced include: heat, heaviness, sweating, a feeling that you cannot move you are so anchored into your place, inner sense of pulsing and a swaying back and forth rhythmic movement. This is in stark contrast to dimensional grid work which normally produces feelings of light, an ethereal feeling, and expansiveness.

It is hard to talk about the magnetic grids without talking about how they are connected to other important concepts, as they are so vital to human existence. So I frequently refer to them in relation to the pulse, rhythm and movement of the sound waves that propagate through them. Whenever anyone works with them, it is also a given that that work will activate the gravity, minerals, metals and ores in our bodies. Gravity is one of the most important master archetypes responsible for creating duality, separation and our overall forgetting of the wholeness of who we are.

From a Universal perspective, you would say that the Master Creator of the Magnetic grids would be the impersonal universal force I call Source. Source fuels the magnetic grids and keeps the illusion of their realness in place. From the Earth perspective, the magnetic grids get their day-to-day working orders from the Equator. The Equator emanates the generator power for all of the magnetic grids around the planet. You might say that in an impersonal way, the Equator is like the Grand Master nature spirit for the magnetic grids.