The Basic Building Blocks of the Universe


Imagine that you are a Creator Being and that your job is to create a planet. You have unlimited freedom to choose the basic building blocks that will structure reality there. You have important decisions to make as to whether this realm has a karmic reality, contains beings of matter, light form or some other substance or element, operates with or without time, space and conscious interconnectedness and so on. You have an unlimited palette of resources from which to choose to create. This palette contains your basic building blocks for creating the planet. You select from your grand palette the above archetypes and you name your planet Earth.

These basic building blocks are called Master Archetypes. Each of us, as individuals and the planet as a whole could not exist without these energetic master structures being deeply imprinted into our fields as they template us with the reality of our very existence. These archetypes contain our original creation patterns.

Most major healing systems and spiritual lineages use one or more of these major archetypal energies as the basis for healing and spiritual development. This makes sense. If you want to impact a structure, you need to know what that structure is made of and gear your interventions to the very fundamental and essential elements of the structure. These archetypal energies are so basic and powerful that working with any one of them is enough to shift and transform you. In architectural terms, working with the archetypes is like taking down a major beam that holds the whole house together. These are the primal forces that create the very structure of you within the universe and the universe within you.

By learning to work with the very forces that created you, you inevitably learn to remember the creator aspects of yourself and your original creation. Mastering these forces gives you the freedom to structure your reality and world with unlimited potential. Mastering these forces fosters your spiritual and personal development. As healers, these archetypes form the spiritual underpinnings of your energy work. They are your toolbox.

What are the major archetypal energies? They are: Dimensions, Space, Matter, Light, Energy, Sound, Pulse, Rhythm, Movement, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Law, Gravity, and Harmonics.

In the section on Models of Healing, where I talk about the healing model using Major Archetypal energies, I give examples of healing traditions, spiritual lineages and cultures that make use of the various archetypes.

It is interesting to note that the major theoretical psychotherapy traditions (psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, humanistic) utilize no or very few of the Major Archetypes. Most psychotherapeutic systems merely address the emotional and mental fields of being with interventions that are highly verbal. In light of the long historical tradition of using Major Archetypes for healing and spirituality, this represents a major oversight and flaw. The very structures that create us are ignored and as a result these traditions forego potency in their effectiveness. This is a sad commentary on the current state of psychotherapy. And yet those of you who are therapists who learn to transmit these energies within the psychotherapy structure can greatly increase the power of your transformational presence.

Those of you in the healing energy traditions will find your own natural niche with regard to the Major Archetypes. Mastering even one archetype can be the work of a lifetime. And with the power of even one archetype in your hands, you can become a master level healer. As your development as a healer proceeds, you find that your interest in other archetypes piques. With the additional mastery of each archetype, you master the Universe of You. With each archetype you significantly enhance your own spiritual potential to evolve. The more your work expands to include the Master Archetypes, the more freedom you enjoy as a healer to remember the very power of creation itself.

Then follow with this…

Dimensional grid healing is one of the most common healing models healers turn to and will be discussed at more length in the Models of Healing section. (Link to Models of Healing, Dimensional Grids)

The dictionary defines space as “the infinite extension of the three-dimensional region in which all matter exists; the expanse in which the solar system, stars, galaxies exist; a blank or empty area.” (The Free Dictionary by Farlex).

Space is all these things and so much more. Space gives definition to the separate dimensions. It actually constitutes the separation between the dimensions. Within space there are concealed portals which do allow some traversing between dimensions. Space can be said to take on a life of its own in the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is primarily constructed of space, celestial space. In this dimensional aspect, the space can feel empty and void, devoid of feeling. As you move into deeper octaves of space, the space feels more fertile as in the Fertile Void. As you deepen your experience of space throughout the higher dimensions, space becomes alive and has its own inner sacred geometry of interconnection. At these levels, it feels soft, smooth, and velvet-like with a deep infusion of animated life.

Healing from space can take many forms. Healers who use 5th dimensional space generally operate from the premise that if you can infuse the symptom with profound amounts of space then the actual space between the molecules that hold the symptom in place is increased to the point where the symptom cannot hold its location in time. The symptom literally disappears into space. It evaporates through the space continuum. Quantum models of healing (Link to Quantum Models of Healing) use quantum space within the atom as the basis for healing.

The dictionary definition of matter (The American Heritage Dictionary) holds that matter is something that “occupies space and can be perceived by one or more of the senses; a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole.” For our purposes, matter is what we know as the substance of our reality. From an archetypal perspective, matter is formed from sacred geometry blueprints. When sacred geometry blueprints are infused with energy, sound, light, mass and the dimensional frequencies, there matter comes into existence. Matter in its essence is an illusion of form. When your awareness pierces through to the truth of this, matter becomes ephemeral, invisible and what is left to the inner eye are these essential other master archetypes of energy, sound, light and sacred geometry.

Healers who master this archetype are generally drawn to working with physical symptoms. They tend to also be experts in the 8th dimensional frequencies where matter is the subject of great interest and experimentation. Matter as it also composed of sound, light, and mass and is held in places by the magnetic grids and gravity, attracts healers who love to fiddle with these other archetypes. Generally, these healers have many lifetimes in matter based realities and many of them have actually incarnated as planets and other material forms.

The official scientific definition of light (American Heritage Dictionary) states that it is “an electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength in the range from about 4000 (violet) to about 7700 (red) angstroms and may be perceived by the normal unaided human eye.”

From a universal perspective, light represents an aspect of our essential radiant spirit. It propagates via waves and frequencies that correspond to the various dimensions. Therefore, there are comparatively faster to slower light wave frequencies depending upon the dimension.

I would say that the vast majority of healers on the planet use some form of light in their healing. In the Models of Healing section, I devote a whole section to Dimensional Grid healing (Link to Dimensional Grid Model of Healing) whose healing archetype is light based.

Science is still struggling with the definition of energy. In fact, most references refer to the properties of energy and what it can do, rather than give a coherent definition. Dave Watson at writes “Energy is a property or characteristic (or trait or aspect?) of matter that makes things happen, or in the case of stored or potential energy, has the “potential” to make things happen.” For our purposes, energy is one of the mediums of vibration. It is a form of vibrational frequency and one of the most primary archetypes in the universe and beyond. Energy is like a prime number; it cannot be reduced to parts.

Just about every form of healing model utilizes energy in one form or another.

A simple definition ( is that it is “the perception of vibrations stimulating the ear. The more scientific definition: sound is a periodic disturbance in fluids density, or in the elastic strain of a solid, generated by a vibrating object. Waves propagate in two ways: longitudinal waves and transverse waves.”

For our purposes, sound does travel in waves and has various frequencies and modulations. There is the sound that happens when a healer tones, using his/her voice to send vibration to the client. This however, does not really constitute spiritual sound. The most pure spiritual sound at its fast wave frequency moves through the upper dimensions and is more a property of light although a variant of light. The most pure low, slow wave frequency sound is actually inaudible, and cannot be heard with the naked ear. This sound propagates through the magnetic grids (Link to Magnetic Grids). It is highly useful for clearing the collective unconscious of the people who live in a certain region of land. Low, slow wave sound practices heal energies from the lost soul or hell realms. They are particularly useful for healing physical symptoms as they easily move through and purify matter and karmic residue that is held by matter. The famous chant of OM transmits through the sound wave the underlying inaudible frequency of sound. However, the most potent inaudible sound waves are not transmittable by the voice; only by energetic transmission.

The archetype of sound anchors into many points on the planet. Some of the fjords in Norway emanate multiple frequencies. I once taught a workshop outside Lyons in France which contained a primal anchor point for no sound. In other words, this was a primal anchor point for the hell realms and such could not tolerate any sound vibration; nor could it tolerate light. Paranormal events happened (like all the power went out; the hands of the clock mysteriously kept spinning round and round the clock; ghost like presences wandered the halls at night) whenever we tried to light candles or perform any light or sound practices. I had to conduct the workshop by anchoring my field into another universe and using that universe’s master archetypes.

A pulse is created by the rhythmic throbbing produced most often by contractions as in the pulse of the body. As it relates to the archetypes, pulse is the essential beat of creation. Creation thrusts forth a pulse which then travels in rhythmic wavelike motion. Inherent within pulse at the universal level is Universal Source, the Universe’s brand of Life force; at the human level, pulse is the carrier wave of the human Life force. It is virtually impossible to talk about pulse, without referring to rhythm and movement archetypes which also give definition to pulse.


Pulse, rhythm and movement work very harmoniously together and more often than not when one of these archetypes appears, the others follow. Many varying traditions of healing make use of pulse from energy workers who stimulate the pulse of life to sacred dancers and drummers and healers who are attracted to any form of rhythm and movement.

One of the major anchoring points on the planet can be found in Africa in the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania; also the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.

Rhythm is the “movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different quantities or conditions” (The American Heritage Dictionary). Simply put, the pulse of creation moves in an undulating oscillation that has various periodicities throughout the dimensions.

If you imagine creation throwing into the universal pond the stone of pulse which then generates rhythmic waves that undulate throughout the universe, then you have understood the concepts of pulse, rhythm and movement.

Once again healers attracted to rhythm will most likely also be attracted to pulse and movement.

Movement is the principle by which rhythm is carried and the way that energy flows through the universe.

Wikipedia defines sacred geometry as a “belief system attributing a religious or cultural value to many of the fundamental forms of space and time. According to this belief system, the basic patterns of existence are perceived as sacred because in contemplating them one is contemplating the origin of all things. By studying the nature of these forms and their relationship to each other one may gain insight into the scientific, philosophical, psychological, aesthetic and mystical Laws of the Universe.”

Many sacred building are built upon the principles of sacred geometry, the sacred mathematics of architecture. The Alhambra in Spain is a marvelous example of the effect of sacred geometry on consciousness. While there, I was entranced by the way the very structure of this building transported my consciousness to the realms of light. I did not want to move. The sacred geometry there was so profound that I was able to hear with my inner ear, the “music of the spheres.”

I like to say that sacred geometry is the sacred mathematics of universal creation. It is also the archetype whereby higher frequencies are transduced down so that they are compatible with and digestible by matter or other relatively lower frequency existences. Sacred geometry is responsible for transducing pure spiritual essence into the form of a baby. All higher order frequencies from the universe need to made accessible to the lower vibrations and sacred geometry performs this task. Sacred mathematics is inherent in all processes of creation and materialization.

Sacred geometry is the principle of interconnection within the universe. When we say all things are interconnected, we are actually referring to the inherent properties of sacred geometry which perform the real time task, with the help of harmonics, of interweaving all things.

As you progress in the inner planes to deeper octaves of space, the interconnection found within space is actually formed by sacred geometry. Sacred geometry and space at this level are inseparable.

Many healers use this archetype in their healing as they descend from dimensions or worlds potent healing energies into the energy field of the client. Sacred geometry is often referred to by healers as light grids or metallic grids.

Nature Devas have as their essential structure forms of sacred geometry; this allows them to coexist in the inner dimensional realms and within the physical planes of earth at one and the same time.

Flower essences are based on this archetype.

I found a major anchor place on the planet in a beautiful park in Jutland, Denmark near the town of Silkeborg.

Spiritual Law is a prime organizer and regulator for this dimensional universe. It is listed as one of the Master Archetypes. It is like the Supreme Ruler for the dimensional universe. Spiritual Law governs the right use of certain energies and forces in the universe. There are many facets to the concept of Spiritual Law; like having many laws all wrapped up in one big law. You can invoke Spiritual Law for use with yourself or in your healing practice on behalf of your clients.

One of the most commonly used facets of Spiritual Law states that you have the right to the integrity of your own energy field. So, for example, if you were under some form of psychic attack, you could invoke Spiritual Law and it would immediately cleanse your field of any entities or energies that were in violation of your field.

One of the other aspects intertwined within Spiritual Law states that free will is your inherent birthright as a being. This aspect of Law has enormous implications. It implies that you have the right to enter the planet (with the planet’s permission) and exit the planet at will (or die when you wish). You have the right to freely explore the Universe without intrusion. You have the right to evolve at your own pace and at your leisure. In its essence, Spiritual Law protects you throughout the Universe and ensures that you will at some point remember your fully interconnected self.

I have not discovered all the facets of Spiritual Law; nonetheless its invocation can be one of the most powerful tools in your spiritual armamentarium.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines gravity “as the natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as the Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body.”

For our purposes, gravity is hugely important as an energetic. It is the actual principle by which duality is made real to us. When we anchor into gravity, there is a binding energetic that moves into and through our energy field and gives us the illusion that we are separate; that duality exists between human/divine; spirit/matter; heaven/earth. In the lower vibration dimensions, gravity is denser and exerts more of a separating force. As souls evolve, the density of the gravity held in the field lightens and this allows consciousness to perceive more interconnection.

One of the anchor points for gravity that I have encountered is in the local mountains outside the town of Buchs, Switzerland.

“The study of harmonics relates to the study of the physical properties and characteristics of musical sound. Harmonics are also described as “any of a series of musical tones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the frequency of a fundamental tone.” (American Heritage Dictionary).

Sacred music expresses the profound transformative affect that music can have on consciousness and the human energy field. Most sacred spiritual traditions understand this concept and utilize sacred music to confer initiations and elevate consciousness for sacred rites and rituals. Chants exemplify the transmission of harmonics.

Harmonics sweep in, with and through the universe allowing for ethereal interconnection. In healing, the transmission of harmonics allows a group to lubricate their chakras and subtle bodies and become energetically connected and bonded.

Healers attracted to this archetype often have musical backgrounds or interests or many past lives mastering the mathematics of music.