The human energy field comes complete with several features that are rarely advertised and yet are nifty and handy. Personally, I would not know how to be an evolutionist without using them. I find these concepts with their respective invocations the most frequently used of my practices and those of my healer clients.

Spiritual Law is a prime organizer and regulator for this universe. It is also listed as one of the Master Archetypes. It is like the Supreme Ruler for this universe. Spiritual Laws govern the right use of certain energies and forces in the universe. There are many Laws in this universe and they can be invoked for use with yourself or in your healing practice. The most common Law states that you have the right to the integrity of your own energy field. So, for example, if you were under some form of psychic attack, you could invoke Spiritual Law and it would immediately cleanse your field of any entities or energies that were in violation of your field.
One of the other primal Spiritual Laws states that free will is your inherent birthright as a being. This aspect of Law has enormous implications. It implies that you have the right to enter the planet (with the planet’s permission) and exit the planet at will (or die when you wish). You have the right to freely explore the Universe without intrusion. You have the right to evolve at your own pace and at your leisure. In its essence, Spiritual Law protects you throughout the Universe and ensures that you will at some point remember your fully interconnected self.
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Oversoul Override is an energetic and spiritual invocation that allows you to protect yourself against yourself, mostly the mischievous unconscious parts of you. However, I also use this quite a lot with clients after a very significant session.
Let me give you some examples of some of the situations that arise in your practice as a healer or in your own personal process that gives the backdrop, meaningfulness and usefulness of this invocation.
Example One
Many of you who might be energy healers have had the experience of giving your client what you considered to be a first rate healing. The session comes to a close and you seal the client’s field and integrate your work in an elegant way. Gently, you invite the client to open their eyes, and slowly get up off the healing table. To your shock and horror, as the client gets off the table you watch as he/she somehow in just a few minutes magically undoes all of your work! It is as if they knew how to unzip their whole field and undo the session! And if it does not happen while you watch in horror, you have the feeling (or they give you corroborating information over the phone) that after the session the very same thing happened.
Example Two
Example two relates to your personal process. Let’s imagine that you have a psychological pattern of somehow destroying or undermining the very things that are really good for you. Maybe this pattern is not pervasive throughout all the aspects of your behavior; maybe, you have this pattern under very particular situations. For example, every time you start to be successful, you find that “accidentally” you keep screwing up. Or, every time you attract in a significant love relationship, your dynamics shift into defensive mode and this ends up turning off your partner. Let’s further imagine that you are not even consciously aware of when you are doing that.
Example Three
Let’s say that you want to experiment with some energetic or spiritual practices and once again you want to insure that you safely experiment and protect the integrity of your energy field. You have a lot of curiosity and sometimes it gets the better of you and you end up inventing a practice or energetic that gives you a form of “energetic indigestion.” You want to be sure that your conscious curiosity and inventiveness is not at your own spiritual and energetic expense.
What these situations have in common is that there is or could be (Example Three) an unconscious part of you (well, it could be semi-conscious or even conscious for that matter) that acts like your own personal little “devil” sitting on your shoulder creating problems that consciously you wish would vanish into thin air. It is for these situations, that the Oversoul Override was created.
When you suspect that a client or you might have a sabotaging tendency here is what you can do. If it is with a client of yours, before the session is over and the client gets up off the table, you simply explain this concept to them and ask them if they would like to say this invocation for themselves. If yes, then you say it aloud and have them repeat after you. If this pattern pertains to you, then simply say the invocation for yourself at any time you have a sense that you are or potentially could be self-sabotaging or engaging in a energetic that is otherwise not good for you.
Remember you Oversoul is your 10th dimensional a Higher Self. And at this level of dimensional self, you have the ability to contact and connect with all of the other aspects of self. The separation between and among other dimensional aspects of you is very slight. So when you make a request of this part of you, it can instantly email all of the other aspects, organize and align them to a single intention. Otherwise, any of the other dimensional aspects (all 1-9) of you could be responsible for the sabotage and the undoing of your intentions. Another way of saying this is that your Oversoul can “ride herd” to all of the other aspects. Your Oversoul is so powerful that it can override the lower, more unproductive aspects of yourself without violating the free will of these other selves. And this is an important point. Each aspect of self can exercise its free will options any way it sees fit. By going to the 10th dimensional self or Oversoul, you are going to a high enough aspect of self which can in turn organize all these lower frequency aspects and guide them to one unifying goal without stepping over their free will.
Invocation #1
I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul, that I override any and all parts of me, conscious or unconscious that might otherwise undo or sabotage…(this session, this work, this intention, this new piece of behavior, this new energetic). This I ask and allow by Spiritual Law with my permission.
Invocation #2
I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul, that I override any and all parts of me, conscious or unconscious that might otherwise create or participate in a practice (spiritual or energetic) that would not be beneficial to me and or my spiritual development.
This invocation has several handy applications. It works because your energy field came with the capacity to reset itself. First, let me give you the invocation.
To simply summarize, this technique operates in your energy field exactly the same way your undo selection on your word processing software works. It undoes whatever you just did and resets the energy field back to where it was before your last action or intervention. Even more brilliant, your energy field can decide if some parts of the experimental practice you just did were of benefit to you, while other parts were incompatible with your field. In this situation, the undo/redo allows you to retain parts of your new energy experiences and integrates those with your energy field’s default or normal settings.
With this invocation, you can safely experiment with spiritual and energetic practices. It is often the case that you hear about a new energy technique or meditation practice that you would like to try out on yourself or your clients but you are worried that it might “screw up their energy field” or perhaps just be incompatible. Or, suppose you do a practice and then find that your energy field for whatever reason feels unbalanced or simply just “off”. You can simply sit quietly and ask your field to “undo” whatever it is that you did and then you ask your field to “re-do” itself. Essentially, this is a simple way to undo your experiment and restore your field back to usual.
I ask and allow by Spiritual Law and my Oversoul that I undo and redo… (whatever you just did that wish to undo). For example, “that I undo and redo my energy field so that it is back to where it was before I did that last energy exercise.”