While you are the embodied universe and you express the fullness of the universe, there are a few complexities to add spice to the picture. This is hard to write about because there are no words or concepts in our language to describe concepts that have both duality and nonduality aspects. So, I hope you will be patient as I try to convey this next concept in a way that makes it real for you.

At one and the same time you are the universe, whole and complete. At another level and yet simultaneously, your consciousness is evolving through the universe and you are traveling down its unlimited highways, byways and side scenic routes. Truly, if you had discovered the magical pleasures of all of the universe’s treasures, you would most likely be off to another venture in another universe or beyond. The fact that you are still here implies that you are still actively journeying.

With this being said, you have the context to understand your core star. Your core star is an advanced energy structure. I always track it somewhere in the center of the chest area in another state of consciousness, exactly which dimension or state I cannot say. The core star has within it, the history or log of all of your universal travels. It contains the history of your experiences in the spiritual dimensions. It is your universal autobiographical travelogue if you will. Your ongoing multidimensional story is written here, all of the highs and lows, travelers, companions, lessons and initiations, evolutions and devolutions.

If you have the energetic awareness to read this, you can track the favorite spots in the universe of an individual and the dimensions in which the soul may be stuck or having difficulties and needs some hurdle help. Your core star, quite simply, is your multidimensional blueprint. It is what I call, your essential spiritual blueprint. When I work with a client who intention is spiritual evolution, I real the core star. Within the core star is the soul and spiritual blueprint for how this person wishes to wend the way of their spiritual development. It is just like your passport; you never want to have this part of you interfered with as the sanctity with which this record conveys cannot be expressed in words.

(Future Picture)

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