Writing about the Universe of You is really an endeavor to articulate the ineffable or that which cannot be expressed in words. So it may take time and several repeat readings for you to grasp the concepts. I suggest that the first read through, you just let the words wash over you; the second read through let the energy of the concept and words reach out to you and infuse you with its full energetic impact. By doing this, you take the concept right into your energy field.

Many people tell me that even though they cannot always understand with their mind these concepts, when they feel into them and let the concepts feel into the person that some part of their total being recognizes the truth and power of the concept being conveyed.
The most important structures in your entire energy field are the axes. Axes come in two varieties: the Central Axis and the Axis of Existence.
Now that you have watched the video, I will try to summarize the information about your axes.
Remember back to elementary school, back to your days in geography class. You were taught that the earth rotated on an axis at a tilt angle. Well, indeed that is true and scientists today still measure that tilt angle. That axis I call the Central Axis.
The central axis of the earth is the central axis inside of you as well. To put it simply, you and the Earth share a Central Axis. The central axis is an energetic structure that threads its way through your kundalini and spinal column and all the way down through your DNA.
By and large the axis itself is stationary. The earth revolves around it. This gives the planet a stable consciousness. The fixed state of the axis (that is, its non-movement), is what firmly anchors the planet into its current state of consciousness which is 3rd chakra or 3rd dimension. The Central Axis then controls or regulates the dimension of consciousness of the planet and all of her inhabitants. If the axis would rotate, this would shift the entire dimensional state of consciousness on the planet! That is good news and bad news of course. The good news is that our state of consciousness is not flapping in the wind, constantly shifting so that we cannot adjust to any fixed reality. The stability of the axis of the planet is what guarantees consensus reality on the planet.  The bad news of course is that with it being so unmovable, it is more difficult to transcend beyond the planetary consciousness.
Enfolded into and within the central axis, and yet radiating out from it, is the Axis of Existence. If the Central Axis tells us that us that we are vibrating to 3rd dimensional consciousness, the Axis of Existence tells us that we are vibrating within that entire 3rd dimension to the specifics of Planet Earth. The Central Axis gives the ballpark GPS location while the Axis of Existence gives the section, row and seat. The Axis of Existence contains the exact vibrational frequency of everything on Planet Earth.
Shamans and spiritual adepts who are capable of maneuvering their axes are capable of shape shifting their consciousness so that they can actually be the consciousness of their desired intent or totem animal. Each person, object, land form, animal, mineral, country has a signature vibration and once you are capable of maneuvering what is most likely a rusty and stable axis, you can experience the entirety of the planet and her inhabitants.    
The two axes are inseparable and they move together. They are the ultimate universal consciousness play-toy and yet a potentially dangerous play-toy if you don’t really have the instruction book and a mentor. Let me give you an example of how this works at a more universal level.
Let’s suppose that one day I want to travel to the seventh dimension to the Spiritual Lineage libraries of Knowledge. To do that, to travel inter-dimensionally, what I would need to be able to do is rotate my Central Axis to just the right position for the 7th dimension, then rotate and flex my Axis of Existence to just the right location for those Libraries. But once there, I could read the Libraries. Better yet, I could be the Libraries.
In case you did not get the underlying importance of these structures, let me be unerringly clear. When you are able to rotate and flex your axes expertly enough, you can travel the Universe, be the Universe! This is the true meaning of enlightenment only as I write about it.
Of course, it should be said here, that learning how to move your stationary axes is what spiritual development is all about at either conscious or unconscious levels. And that takes great experience, patience and practice. And yet, I write about this so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that universal enlightenment is yours. It comes with the package deal. No exceptions.

This universe is fundamentally made up of dimensions as well as the other Master Archetypes. There are 12 dimensions, or trans-dimensional levels, each of which is subdivided into 7 other levels. This is what we mean when we say that you are multidimensional! You are the universe and the universe is primarily made up of 12 co-existing and yet fundamentally separate dimensions. When people talk about other existences on other planets or galaxies or realities, this is their point of reference.

Many people like to talk about their Home planet, star system or “ special place”. Many clients call me wanting to know their Home planet, star system or “special place”. Or, they desire to know where they came from.  This is always an interesting question to answer diplomatically and without sounding dismissive. The real answer to the question is that the whole of the Universe is your Home. It cannot be otherwise.  There is no one place that is more Home than not in the purest answer. But what clients are generally referring to is that they have a sense that there is a place or places that feel more familiar, more comfortable and more special. This is usually because that soul has spent more time hanging out in that dimension and so its vibration resonates with a more easy familiarity. As time goes on and as a soul evolves, the soul has an actual experience of having emanated and been a part of all of the dimensions.  

As you deepen into the potency of each dimension, you shift by octaves, and each dimension has numerous octave shifts. I often say when I mentoring healers or spiritual practitioners, “Now go deeper by an octave.” This means that the person needs to shift his/her consciousness and energy field one octave deeper into the potency of that particular dimensional vibration.

What is a dimension really? Well, it is a whole realm of reality! It is identified by its vibration of consciousness and each dimension has a unique and characteristic vibration. You might say that each dimension is like a country that has its own government, laws, culture, landscape, resources, “problem areas and ways of viewing reality. While each country is unique, most countries are bordered by other countries and there are border patrols. This is somewhat true of dimensions as well. Each dimension has its own characteristic terrain, places to explore, lessons to learn, unique amount or lack of unity and is separated from the other dimensions by another Master Archetype called Space.

I want to mention some final comments about the dimensions and elaborate on some things I just briefly mention in the videotape clip. From the 1st to the 8th dimension, there is a tremendous amount of separation between the dimensions. From my layer cake example, you would say that the universe creators spread the butter cream and jelly on thick. Starting way in the deepest octaves of the 8th dimension, there begins to be some more interconnection between 8 and 9. And if you were totally immersed in the consciousness of the 9th dimension, you would feel some slide between the 8th, 9th and 10th dimensions. Beginning more formally within the consciousness of the 10th dimension, there is finally the ability to cross connect with all of the other dimensions simultaneously! This is the true beginning of nonduality. You are able to see what all of your multidimensional selves are doing all at the same time. Still, even at this level there is a dark side or shadow side so separation still exists despite the amazing amount of unity consciousness. By the 11th dimension, we can relax into a more complete unity consciousness.


This universe is constructed with twelve dimensions. The dimensions (link to Dimension definition above) are separated by space. The entire structure of the dimensions and intervening space are held together by what I call the dimensional grids. The glues that hold the grids together and give them coherence are: Spiritual Law (link to Spiritual Law), a 10th dimensional concept and the Organizing Principle of the 11th Dimension (link to 11th dimension).

Spiritual Law mediates the structure or scaffolding that holds the dimensions together and the Organizing Principle permeates the dimensions and grids and gives them their life and movement and the rhythmic interconnections behind the scenes. The dimensional grids propagate within them light and high frequency inaudible sound.
The dimensional grids are essential and basic energy structures that hold the dimensions of this universe in some sort of form. They also mediate the universal energy that fuels this universe as well as your physical body. They intersect with all of your subtle bodies such as the physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual bodies and intersect with the Magnetic Grids at 90 degree angles.

Within the universe there are various spiritual landscapes. I have described the 12 dimensions and the dimensions make up at least 1/3 of the spiritual landscape that most humans inhabit. However, another 1/3 of our inner universal landscape concerns what I term worlds or realms. The final third of the universal inner spiritual landscape is the region within atoms and this is such a new and complex concept that I will not address it in this basic orientation.


As I have mentioned before, the universe is structured according to 12 dimensions, each separated by space. Within this framework, the structure of worlds becomes more comprehensible. A world is a uniquely blended subset of the dimensions. It includes some unique combination subsets of the first through ninth dimensions. For example, some worlds cross combine aspects of the 4th, 6th and 7th dimensions. In this blend of the dimensions, there is no separation between the dimensions as there would normally be nor is there any inclusion of other dimensions. Worlds offer the healer endless combinations of the energies and dimensions from which to work. Worlds are a unique patchwork quilt. And some worlds have mathematics and energetics that emanate from other universes.
Many indigenous tribal folks inhabit worlds like the Native American Indians, many African tribes and the aboriginal tribes of Australia. The kingdoms of inner earth exist in worlds which include the domains of fairies, leprechauns and the like. Just check out Lord of the Rings and the visits to the fairy kingdoms to give you a picture of what I mean. 
We might say that the mathematical relationship between dimensions and worlds goes something like this: worlds are like the mirror image of dimensions turned inside out. The only way to “get” that concept is to slip into an altered state!