To unpack all of what I want to say here, I need to go step by step and then hopefully by the end of this section, you will be able to put the pieces together to fit the larger picture.

A little about chakras first…

First of all, what are chakras simply? Chakras are the main energy transduction centers of the body. What this means is that energy from the totality of the universe needs some sort of system, like a highway, to conduct the energy from all of its locations to the body. The chakras represent a vital part of that system. By transduction we mean that the body needs to convert the super charged high vibration of the universe down to the lower voltage range that the physical body can handle without its blowing a fuse. Just think about it. When you take your hairdryer or other US voltage electrical appliance to a foreign country you need the converter to make it work properly.

The chakras also function as part of a universal pipeline that transports fuel from the universe down to the body. Pipeline is an apt word since it takes a tremendous amount of energy or fuel to keep the illusion of this reality intact. In addition, just to keep you alive energetically, you need constant uninterrupted fueling and these pipelines are essentially the way that the energy of the universe is piped into you to keep you animated and yet real in your illusory nature.

But the chakra system is much, much more from the perspective of the universe. It is through the chakra system that you truly achieve your honorary and permanent standing as a universal citizen. Hopefully, I can convey the wondrous engineering that is inside of you that allows this to be the case.

Most systems state that there are 7 main chakras. I teach that there are 12 chakra centers. The 8th chakra has various locations depending on the person in my experience. In some persons, it is located in various aspects of the brain; in others it can be located in the upper back. In still others still it can be located throughout various organ structures in the body. By and large, however, most people have multiple 8th chakra connections and they can be discovered in the molecular structure of the entire body.

The 9th chakra connections are located between and among the mitochondria connections throughout the body. The mitochondria are organelles located within the cell structure and considered to be the “powerhouse of the cell.” They provide a great deal of the chemical energy used by the cell. They are also involved in other cell functions such as cell signaling, cell differentiation and cell growth. An energy system links al these mitochondria throughout the body and the sum total of this system represents what is essentially a 9th chakra system for the body.

The 10th dimensional correlate in the body would be via the electrical systems circulating through the spinal column. The 11th dimensional correlate would be what the physicists refer to as the strings, the unifying thread of the dimensions. And the space within the atomic structure where we house black holes represents the 12th dimensional correlate.

The chakra-dimension connection

The ingeniousness of the design of the chakra-dimension connection conveys the wonder and awe that I feel for the human energy field. This is one of the main concepts that help to explain how we, as mere mortals, are universal citizens.

Imagine this if you will for a moment. You have the magnificent splendor of all of the 12 dimensions of the universe (and there is more to the universe than this…more on this later) and yet how do you fit all of this splendor into your tiny frame of a human body? (Well, this is an even harder challenge than what the engineering team on the ground for the Apollo 13 crew had to do for poor Tom Hanks and space team members…). It is an impossible task. But, the ingenious solution was to invent chakras and some of the other structures that I will describe later. Each chakra is a tollbooth; once passed through, you have access to the highway or bridge that intersects you with the entirety of that whole dimension. If you could pass your consciousness through the chakra, you would enter the wonderland of the corresponding dimension. For example, the 3rd chakra connects into the 3rd dimension, the 4th chakra to the 4th dimension and so on and so on. Each chakra then, is simultaneously both a condensed spark of the corresponding dimension and yet also a portal or gateway to the whole dimension.

The marvel of the chakras is that they allow you to never be lost to the Universe. You can never be lost to who you really are: the wondrous embodiment of the entire expanding enthralled Universe.