While exploring projects to forward our mission, we have met many remarkable people who have dedicated their time, energy, talents and lives to helping our global community in many different ways. We are grateful to all the individuals and organizations with whom we have collaborated.

It is our deepest wish that the following F4GH supported and highlighted projects will inspire, educate and motivate you to learn and take some action. First, by opening and allowing yourself to learn about other, perhaps different, ideas and philosophies to see what truths they hold for you. Then by practicing what you have learned, you can improve how you feel and live your life…with more joy, respect, love and gratitude for yourself, others and our beautiful planet. Then give back, in whatever way you can.

Imagine what the world would be like if -instead of fear- love, respect and gratitude were the motivations behind every action in how we conducted our lives. It would be a different world than we know now. That’s the world we’re striving for…a world of peace, a world of abundance, a world filled with kindness, compassion and joy. Love is the answer and our future is in all of our hands. So let’s get going…

Association for the Children of Mozambique (ASEM - a French acronym for "Association Pour Les Enfants de Mozambique")

ASEM Mozambique is an organization that works on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children in the areas of: civil rights, general care, psychosocial support. Their programs include: vocational training, social rehabilitation, and education. Mozambique, a country of 25 million on east coast of southern Africa, has struggled since the civil war (1977 -1992). Barbara Hofmann founded ASEM in 1991 and the organization has served over 20,000 children. For more information click here.

Sayaka Inka Cultural Group

This family of musicians is directly descendant from the last Sayaka Inka village on the western shores of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. They traveled from their village to share their culture and music with the purpose of uniting the Condor people of the South with the Eagle people of the North.

SEED Graduate Institute – Language of Spirit Dialogue Retrospective and Interviews

The SEED Graduate Institute, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers a unique blend of graduate level curricula including Science & Cosmology, Integral Healing, Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Expressive Arts and Ecology. For over 10 years, SEED has offered a meeting of the minds between quantum physicists, Native American scholars, and linguists to discuss the underlying principles of the Universe, based on a mutual respect for their differences in worldviews.  F4GH was on hand to witness and interview some of the key participants, click here to read more.

The Monroe Institute – Remote Viewing Project

The staff of F4GH, in collaboration with the administration of The Monroe Institute®, participated in and filmed the course on Remote Viewing in August of 2008. The project was undertaken to produce a DVD to inspire and teach people about the intriguing process of Remote Viewing, as well as demonstrate how concepts presented can be applied to how we live our lives. Check out the clip(s) to get a glimpse of what the completed DVD of The Monroe Institute and Remote Viewing practicum entails.

Pat Fields – Conscious Co-Emergence with Self, Planet and Universe

The relationship with Pat and F4GH founder Connie Cummings has spanned 10 years in which they have explored the very constructs of reality, co-evolution of the human being, and Quantum Healing philosophies and techniques.  F4GH has filmed several of Pat’s workshops, to learn more click here.

Patricia WhiteBuffalo &
the Heaven on Earth Ensemble

Patricia combines her Shamanic tradition and her deep connection with the Earth with her professional training as a teacher, therapist, energy practitioner and musician to guide and heal others for personal and planetary transformation.

Dinner With... Series

This series of videos features wise, humble pioneers discussing their unique perspectives on life, human evolution and the nature of reality through their facinating experiences.  For a video sample, click here.

Eve Ensler and V-Day

V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.  Click here for more details.

Casa Guatemala Orphanage

Casa Guatemala is a nonprofit organization founded in September of 1977 for the care and protection of children. There are currently 250 children who are placed in their care by the Guatemalan Ministry of Child Welfare because of abuse, abandonment and extreme poverty. By providing good nutrition, medical care, education and adoption services, Casa Guatemala has made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children who would otherwise be faced with abuse, exploitation, starvation and even death.


The following people and projects have not been financially supported by F4GH, but are wonderful projects with a purpose that are closely aligned with our mission and we believe in the artistic, creative ways that these individuals are accomplishing magical healing of acceptance and love with their gifts and endeavors. Creativity is the springboard from which all manifests within ourselves and in our universe. We are certain that you will benefit greatly from experiencing any of the offerings of the following creative artists.

Joy Adler

Joy's singing and songwriting is both the lead sing/soundhealer/lyricist for The Heaven on Earth Ensemble and solo work has been based on her healing journey. READ MORE

Anne Renton
International Film Producer/Director

Anne brings a high spiritual perspective to produce and direct short and feature films that inspire, entertain and touch your heart. READ MORE

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