Patricia Fields, Ph.D, The Planet Within Workshop

Video sample from the Planet Within 3-DVD set

Summary: This DVD set contains highlights of the evolutionary workshop presented by Patricia Fields, PsyD.   

  • Part 1 – participants learn about the “Quantum Creation Myth” developed by Pat including concepts as the white hole, black hole, “M” and the Mystery Universe.
  • Part 2 – highlighted topics include  “life as illusion”, effective communication, re-remembering our gifts as human co-creators, freedom of choice and various components of “crossing over”.
  • Part 3 - identifies potential power inherent in reconnecting our internal human core to the core of the earth, thus integrating “The Planet Within”.  

The Planet Within-A 3-DVD set is available for the suggested donation of $70 including shipping and handling.  For ordering or additional information please email: