Conscious Co-Emergence with Self, Planet and Universe

Patt Fields

The relationship with Pat Fields and Connie Cummings has spanned 10 years in which they have explored the very constructs of reality, co-evolution of the human being, and Quantum Healing concepts and techniques. This exploration has led to collaborative efforts between Pat and FGH, which include the recording and presentation of these emergining concepts, and techniques. The end result is a DVD series of timely topics related to the human co-evolution with ourselves, our planet and our Universe. The series will evoke questions like, "How can we live and interact in non-dual ways, making it possible for us to evolve through this 3rd dimensional illusionary reality of pain and suffering into a new consciousness?". This new consciousness is how we create a new reality where the feeling of belonging and interconnectedness out-weighs the fear-based consciousness of separation. The series of DVDs that are being offered will correspond to a written materials that are being developed in the Explorations section of our website. For a sample of Pat's workshop "The Planet Within" click here.

The following is some background information on Patricia Fields, Psy.D. that can be found along with additional information on workshops, and private consultations offered through her Web site.

Patricia Fields, Psy.D. is a personal growth facilitator, professional intuitive, subtle energy practitioner and minister. Her background includes a doctorate in clinical psychology and she is a licensed psychologist in California and Pennsylvania. She has over 28 years experience in the fields of personal growth, counseling and/or psychology. Having also trained in neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), she has specialized in the protocols used for emotional healing and spiritual transformation. She is also an approved provider for OPUS (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support). In her role as psychologist she has worked in various settings including in-patient and out-patient facilities, a sex therapy clinic, and in the corporate world where she was 'on-site' psychologist seeing clients and conducting seminars. She has been on the teaching faculties for the doctoral psychology program at Hahnemann University, the Academy for Guided Imagery, and EEG Spectrum.

In her current practice where she does not operate in the role of psychologist, she consults and teaches internationally specializing in self-growth, consciousness evolution, meditation and planetary healing. Her practice also specializes in mentoring professionals working at the interface of self, spirit and subtle energy. With a particular interest in the role the land plays in the personal, collective and spiritual development of the individual, Dr. Fields weaves into all of her teaching these subtle yet powerful influences. This dynamic combination of personal growth techniques, awareness of subtle energies as well as the ability to intuitively 'read' the energy and consciousness of her clients, affords Pat a wide range of consultation services.  Dr. Fields has a private practice centered in San Rafael, California.

This collaboration has been a wonderful adventure into consciousness, connectedness, evolution of the human spirit and all that plays a role in this paradigm shift. It asks nothing less of you than to question everything that you have been taught. The openings and new awareness, deepens your understanding of your own truth and how you can heal the beliefs that keep you stuck in the old paradigm of fear. We invite you to take a look at the video clips offered in the Explorations section of our website to get a sense of what Pat’s work is about and what it could mean to you.