Joy Adler wrote the song "Dreamers of Our Future" specifically for the Foundation for Global Humanity.  The song was recorded "live" at the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany, NY featuring Joy (lead vocals) and her group Souls of Evolution, including our own Mary Page and special musical guest, Patricia WhiteBuffalo on Flute.  We have put together this montage of images showing some of the remarkable people that the F4GH team has had the privilege to meet from all over the world. A special thank you to Adam DeArmon and the Institute for Cultural Awareness for the use of some of their photos from the Return of the Ancestors and other gatherings. Enjoy!

This is a cutting edge world music event created by gifted healers and musicians for the purpose of planetary evolvement through co-creative, kirtan, dance, meditation, and musical healing journeys. These events are meant to raise the vibration of the planet through opening our own cells to all memory of health wellness and wholeness...thus raising the vibration of the planet through this memory. Features musicians: Patricia WhiteBuffalo, Joy Adler, Bill Pernice,and Michael T.A. Thompson. F4GH's Mary Page provided backup vocals as well.

This family of musicians is directly descendant from the last Sayaka Inka village on the western shores of Lake Titicaca in Puno, Peru. They traveled from their village to share their culture and music with the purpose of uniting the Condor people of the South with the Eagle people of the North. Sayaka Inka played in San Francisco. This video is a sample of their concert.



Eileen O'Brien's "Hands Across the Water" CD features Eileen's musical talent, she wrote and performs all 10 instrumental pieces.  She plays the piano, ukulele, guitar and harmonica.  From the blues to classical piano this CD will please your heart and ears.  Eileen has gifted this CD and all proceeds to go directly to F4GH.  Our profound thanks to Eileen for sharing her musical talent, time and money to produce this CD.  To donate and receive the CD go to our DVD/CD page.