The Monroe Institute is devoted to the premise that focused consciousness contains definitive solutions to the major issues of human experience. Greater understanding of such consciousness can be achieved through coordinated research efforts using an interdisciplinary approach.

The results of such research efforts are meaningful only if there are practical applications—something of value for our contemporary culture. The Monroe Institute proposes to introduce, at all levels of human endeavor, abilities that will constructively change humankind’s direction and destiny.

Background on Remote Viewing

Through remote viewing, out-of-body experiences, spiritual insight, or miraculous healing we recognize, at some level of awareness, the true nature of ourselves as individual sentient elements of a greater non-local consciousness. The value of remote viewing lies in the objective nature of the process itself; a protocol-driven, scientifically tested perceptual technique/experience to acquire and describe information seemingly separated from the “viewer” and his or her physical senses by distance, shielding, or time.

The first-person experience of the remote viewing process, the realization that you truly are more than your physical body, that you are a boundless sentient being immersed in a realm of non-local consciousness leads to an understanding of a hierarchy of meaningful interconnections. Such a sense of connection appears to lie outside the confines of space and time and yet, in some way resonates deeply with all of our experiences in the everyday world.

After several days of training and practice in a variety of different remote-viewing techniques or styles, monitor/interview skills, and judging protocols, we participated in a a series of blind, independently judged remote-viewing trials. The Hemi-Sync exercises include RV-10 – letting go and turning inward, RV-12 – connecting and listening, RV-15 – becoming aware, and RV-21 – space/time transcendence.

Skip Atwater, President of The Monroe Institute, is the primary trainer of the REMOTE VIEWING PRACTICUM. Years ago, Skip was the Operations and Training Officer for U.S. Army Intelligence remote-viewing surveillance program. He worked closely with the scientific efforts of SRI International and trained career-minded professional intelligence personnel to remote view. This practicum uses the Hemi-Sync signals and procedures from the work Bob Monroe did with talented remote viewers in the secret U.S. government project.

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