• In my opinion, this model represents the highest level of achievement for a healer. Many healers who felt called to healing from their early years or who belong to a family lineage of healers practice this model.
  • In this model, the healer has fully differentiated from any specific training model or protocol. They work from a place of deep knowingness, and that knowingness comes from the very center of their own spiritual connections. Their unique connection to the Universe is expressed and integrated into their model of healing. As they mature and evolve as a healer in their own spiritual development, this is reflected as changes in the vibrations and energies incorporated into their healing practice.
  • In this model, the healing practice serves as a medium for the healer to further his/her own inner life. High Self and personal self express through the healing practice in a unified way. The healing practice is the spiritual practice for the healer and it represents a wonderful fit for the healer’s personality. Personal self, High Self and the expression through the occupation of healing become inextricably intertwined.
  • In many ways, this is the true long term goal of most healers. The beginning years of training fuel the healer’s knowledge and talent base. But in the end, the integration of technique into self and Self are what set the advanced practitioner apart.


  • This model often uses the archetype of light which can be transmitted via the energy of light or through color or vocal toning.
  • High vibrational light and sometimes inaudible high frequency sound are used.
  • This model works by affecting the energy field (chakras, nadis, kundalini, subtle bodies, and dimensions in the body) which then affects matter or the actual physical tissues.
  • Dimensional grid healing directly affects the mind portion of the mind/body connection.
  • This model assumes that work is being done within and through the dimensions (1-12)
  • Most models that utilize celestial, galactic and angelic realms fall within this category.
  • Retrieving information about the clients issues, themes, karmic records, et cetera is often viewed as very important for the healer and /or the client; information is gained from the various dimensions (1-12) and subtle bodies such as the physical, mental, emotional, soul and spirit.
  • Using guides to direct and conduct the session and also to transmit healing energies is common.
  • Most often, this model works on one dimension or chakra at a time, but you can see models that work on more than one dimension simultaneously.
  • This model also often works on one issue, pattern or lifetime at a time (as compared to many issues, patterns or lifetimes all at once).
  • This model affects the magnetic grids indirectly.
  • Readings of the field are most commonly done through the third eye.
  • Energy is often delivered through the third eye.
  • This model lends itself to reading karmic aspects of the client as these aspects exist in the 5th dimension.
  • This healing model most often works by clearing blockages and moving through resistances; the healer is searching energetically for “problem, blockage or dysfunction” in order to remedy it.
  • Healer can conduct the session from within or outside of their body but most often they are squarely grounded in their body; when out of their body they often take the client to another dimension and conduct the session from there.
  • Client can be in or out of the body for the session depending on the variation of the model.


  • This represents a more sophisticated and refined version of the dimensional grid model. In the dimensional grid model, most often the healer focuses on an issue or theme for the session; in this model issues and themes are seen within the greater context of dimensional grid structures. Healers work on clearing whole vibrational patterns, grids structures in the body and actual physical structures through the use of light as it emanates through the dimensions.
  • Healing focuses on changes within the structure of the field itself.
  • This model can also work to affect one primary issue or pattern as it has existed throughout all time and space and over the course of many lifetimes.
  • Healers usually are working in many dimensions or chakras at once.
  • This model is often necessary to use when working to re-structure core identity issues or in cases where deep soul and spiritual transformation is needed.


  • In this model, the healer has a very special and unique connection to a world that they are familiar with as a soul.
  • The healer can either transmit energies from the world to the client or can take the consciousness and/or subtle bodies of the client to the world and work from there.
  • There are an infinite number of worlds and some of them are solely constructed for healing. For example, there are worlds that exist where no pain or disease exist. Taking a client there allows the pain or disease to simply disappear as the vibration of the world cannot hold those concepts in form.
  • Some healing worlds contain no beliefs. These worlds can be especially healing since many illnesses and emotional issues derive from non-healthy belief systems. By taking a client to a world with no beliefs, the vibration of this world makes it impossible for the client to hold limiting beliefs about their illness or issues. Beliefs shatter and dissolve here.
  • The realms of worlds are endless.
  • Many indigenous shamans use this model when healing.


  • Healers primarily use low frequency inaudible sound propagating through the magnetic grids as the base of their healings.
  • This model works by propagating sound through the grids which then vibrates them; that corresponding vibration purifies the grids and the connecting physical structures, thus “shaking off any other vibrations that are of a lower frequency. Because these grids connect directly into the organs and tissues, these physical structures are directly and immediately impacted during these healings.
  • Magnetic grid healing affects the body part of the mind/body connection.
  • Magnetic grids hold info relevant to the history of the earth, the history of the evolution/devolution of the planet and the heritage of all living beings on the earth.
  • There is no information relevant to the physical, emotional, mental, soul and other subtle bodies; as well, there is no information relevant to the dimensions. This has important ramifications for healers who use this model. Healers will not be able to retrieve emotional, mental, soul or spiritual correlates for the client’s symptoms.
  • The magnetic grids are what allow the life force to anchor into the body and to flow throughout our body; the attraction between the magnetics and the iron in the blood allow for the conduction of the life force itself; therefore working with them invigorates the healing energy of the life force.
  • Magnetic grid work simultaneously activates the minerals, metals and ores in the body. When the molecular structure of the minerals, metals and ores are vibrated at high enough velocity, they purify and release toxins held by the body.
  • Working on the magnetic grids has an immediate ripple effect on the other Master Archetypes that are directly related to the body: pulse, rhythm and movement. Their activation also stimulates healing.
  • The deepest work in the magnetics directly impacts the archetype of gravity. Work with gravity supports spiritual evolutionary work. It also supports miraculous healing by affecting the very way the field holds its connection to duality and holds the illusion of pain and suffering in time and space.
  • Many healers who utilize earth energies use this model.
  • This model is the perfect model to use for working with the collective unconscious of groups as the magnetic grids’ sound clears this level of consciousness.
  • The hara line is a major transduction center for the magnetic grids; working with it automatically places you in a magnetic grid healing model.
  • This model requires the healer to be in the body for the session (see point made later about advanced work).
  • Affects the dimensional grids and dimensional aspects of the client indirectly.
  • Less use of guides is seen here as most guides that we are familiar with (like angels) exist on the dimensional grids; guides that work very well in this model include Devas; Sound Angels and other special forms of magnetic grid Oversouls.
  • This model is more commonly seen in healers from the Southern Hemisphere where the magnetics of the planet are stronger or in healers who are very earth connected.
  • One of the necessary models of healing to use when working with clients at an evolutionary level as evolution by definition affects the body; when too much of too high potency frequency dimensional energies are downloaded into the dimensional grids, they tend to burn out the body and so in evolutionary work balance is required between the dimensional grid work and the magnetic grid work.
  • One of the necessary models of healing to use when dealing with energetic shifts that relate to planetary shifts and imbalances.
  • At advanced levels, client’s field may be taken out of the body and worked on at other levels of existence and then replaced in the body when the work is complete.
  • Client may be in or out of the body for the session depending on the work.


  • In this model, the healer uses one or more of the master archetypes: Dimensions, Space, Matter, Light, Energy, Sound, Pulse, Rhythm, Movement, Sacred Geometry, Law, Gravity, Harmonics as the primary healing modality
  • Mastering one of the archetypes in a healing practice can take a lifetime as each archetype has infinite layers of potency.
  • My own guidance has said that the full mastery of two of these archetypes allows you to master the universe
  • Here are some examples of other healing systems and spiritual traditions that use the archetypes:
    • Light, Color, Toning/Dimensional grid work: Barbara Brennan Model of Healing; many Western training models; many spiritual lineages use light meditations
    • Space: Many Native American Indian shamans; many aboriginal shamans; Tarthang Tulku meditations
    • Matter: the Kabalistic traditions
    • Sound: many native and aboriginal tribes; Reiki energy work; many Tibetan and other Buddhist lineages transmit this in sacred chants; the Dalai Lama transmits this in his chants
    • Pulse: Cranio-sacral methods, shamanic and sacred dancing and drumming
    • Rhythm: all sacred and tribal dances and drumming; Sufis; many martial arts
    • Movement: movement therapies, Tai Chi and the martial arts, sacred and tribal dancing, Continuum work
    • Sacred Geometry: architecture of sacred buildings; sacred standing stones; mandala work; Drumvalo Melchizedek’s Flower of Life work; work that comes from nature Devas
    • Spiritual Law: Kabalistic traditions
    • Gravity: many of the South American shamans who perform “energetic operations,” Siberian shamans and other Arctic based shamans
    • Harmonics: sacred music and chants


  • This model assumes that the healer is connected into the purer aspects of nonduality reality; 9th dimension begins this work in the dimensional grids; 10th dimensional work is more pure; 11th dimensional work is most pure; other healers may connect into other universes.
  • Nonduality models assume the healer is sitting in nondual reality in their own consciousness; this means that the healer’s consciousness is de-magnetized, non-polarized; egoless.
  • If Master Archetypes are used (as opposed to dimensional energies), then the archetypes are resonating at a very high and pure vibration that replicates their original and true vibration.
  • This model work on the dimensional and magnetic grids at the same time.
  • The healer here has a very particular bias and perspective. The healer assumes that all issues and aspects are already resolved and the healer actually sees this reality in the client and transmits this reality back to the client’s energy field and body. This transmission entrains the client’s energy field and body to move to the vibration where healing has already occurred or, where illness never happened; in this way, the healer inducts the client into a healed wholeness.
  • In this model, the healer always works with the non-resistant and willing aspects of the field; the healer never works to clear blockages or to repair aspects of the field or body.
  • This model awakens the nondual aspects of the client.
  • Energetic readings of the fields while doing this work differ from other energetic readings since in this model all aspects of the illness or issue are seen in their perfection as already resolved.
  • Energies from this model cannot be transmitted through the 3rd eye since the 3rd eye or 6th chakra does not resonate to a high enough vibration to carry this transmission.
  • Readings of the field and tracking of the energy in the client cannot be conducted through the 3rd eye.
  • The healer can either be in the nondual aspects of his/her field while in or out of the body.
  • Client generally stays in the body; but it is also possible that their consciousness could be transported to another dimension.
  • Creation models of healing are a subset of nondual models.


  • This model calls for the healer to place their consciousness in the 12th dimension. Here, the healer’s consciousness will be seated within the space of their atoms, sitting on the rim of the black hole between the implicate and explicate order.
  • Alternatively, the healer will place their consciousness within one of the many quantum caves located around the world.
  • It is also possible that a healer will call in a quantum animal and have that animal serve as a Quantum Master.
  • In all of these variations, the healer also invokes all the Laws of the Quantum and the Quantum Masters.
  • Healing occurs in one of two ways: 1) the healer just places his/her own consciousness in the 12th dimension (with the quantum animals the healer’s consciousness still vibrates to this dimension) and from there a reality is created which affects the client; or 2) the healer takes the client’s energy field to the 12th dimension with him/her.
  • This model works on the principle of complete unification (no separation). Therefore, when working on any part of the client’s field, all other aspects of the field are simultaneously and instantly affected.
  • The quantum models deliver energy through the archetype of space and sacred geometry within the atoms.
  • This model bypasses time and so works outside of it. Because it does an end run around time, this model often is accompanied by paranormal activity, that is, symptoms can just suddenly disappear.
  • This model works by disappearing, de-magnetizing and disassembling reality.
  • Atoms organize reality. So, working at this level allows the client to fully alter their reality and the world within which the symptoms arise. Thus, the quantum model radically alters the context within which the symptom is anchored into the client’s reality.
  • The healer needs to sit in an egoless and completely detached, non-polarized state.
  • Solutions here can be quantum resolutions as opposed to nondual resolutions.

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