Joy Adler & The Souls of Evolution

Joy Songwriting as both the lead singer/soundhealer/lyricist for The Heaven on Earth Ensemble and solo work has been based on her healing journey. Together with fellow Barbara Brennan School of Healing Alumni, Mary Page, Joy and "The Souls," as they are known, create “one of a kind” concert experiences, with the intention to open the hearts of the audience. This assists in the release and integration of earth and human experiences to reunion with the divine, and thus the "remembering" of our source, that there is no separation. This is created through their deep connection to the earth, and through the opening of their hearts. Joy and Mary then channel the angelic realms vocally to lift the listeners to new levels of awareness within.

Most recently Joy graciously wrote, recorded and produced a song specifically for the Foundation for Global Humanity called Dreamers of Our Future.  To hear this recording accompanied by a slide show presentation, click here.

Discs produced:

Rebellious Dreamer, 2000
Angels are Everywhere 2006
Postcards, 2008

For more information on Joy or her CD offerings, visit her website .