Casa Guatemala Orphanage

Casa Guatemala Orphanage

 Casa Guatemala is a nonprofit organization founded in September of 1977 for the care and protection of children. There are currently 250 children who are placed in their care by the Guatemalan Ministry of Child Welfare because of abuse, abandonment and extreme poverty. By providing good nutrition, medical care, education and adoption services, Casa Guatemala has made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children who would otherwise be faced with abuse, exploitation, starvation and even death.

A Children’s Village situated in Las Brisas, Rio Dulce was created to achieve their goal of providing an atmosphere filled with love, learning and laughter. It is a paradise spanning over 100 acres of tropical jungle peppered with eco-friendly structures that make up the community. These include separate dormitories for the girls, boys, volunteers and local staff. In addition, there is a school, medical clinic, library, carpentry shop, outdoor playing fields and a dining hall. The village attempts to be self-sustaining through farming and much of the produce such as eggs, meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables are consumed in the daily diet.

FGH Supported Project to Secure Housing, Buildings Against Vampire Bats

“We are in the midst of the horror movie. There has been a rash of vampire bats biting the children at night. We have had a relatively peaceful existence in the jungle up until the last couple of months when eighteen of our children were bitten by the bats. They gain access to the children’s´ dorms through openings in the roof which are used for ventilation. All the children have mosquito nets, but because they move about during sleep, their exposed limbs are frequently targets for the bats. Our children are being vaccinated for rabies, but in the meantime, we are taking measures to safe-guard everyone at night by sealing off the openings on the roofs.” Casa Guatemala

FGH has donated money to Casa Guatemala so that they can buy the necessary materials to complete the project of securing the buildings to protect the children. Below are some pictures of the progress they are making:

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There are many projects that are currently unfunded at Casa Guatemala and their needs, while basic, are urgent. To learn more about Casa Guatemala, and how you could help, please visit their website.