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25th Annual Bioneers Conference 2014 October 17 – 19 San Rafael, CA


Nina Simons and Kenny Ausubel founded the Bioneers conference in 1990 as a way to share pertinent information and success stories of human potential and action.  At first the focus was solely on the environment.  This focus evolved and expanded as the founder’s realized how all-human activity is connected to the health of our planet.  Bioneers is the revolution from the heart of nature.   Here is a good overview of conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8oXWcaplGE). 

I am thankful for Bioneers. This conference has given a voice to my deepest belief and faith in our humanity.  Our strength lies in our innate desire to work together towards a place of justice and respect for everyone and everything.  It reminds me that it is much more difficult to work from a place of fear and lack.  Out of our current list of crises (war, terrorism, climate change, pollution, injustice, suppression and violence – the list might not have an end) the message of Bioneers community is “we can”.

Through the support of the Foundation for Global Humanity I have been fortunate to attend the last 7 of this yearly conference.  In that brief time, I have witnessed our human potential from all walks of life and every corner of this earth.  Each morning of the conference starts with the plenaries (talks).  These talks are often pioneers in new and existing fields such as Biomimicry, green chemistry, social justice, agriculture, energy and human potential.  The afternoon is filled with breakout sessions and discussions.

Nina and Kenny knew from the beginning that an integral part of this conference was the voices of the original people.  The depth of their commitment and understanding of indigenous ways of being has evolved each year and it was most prominent this year.  It is no coincidence that 3 weeks prior to Bioneers the largest climate change demonstration in the world (400,000 people) marched the streets of Manhattan led by a plethora of indigenous leaders.  How incredibly moving it was to see all walks of life following them, the environmental urgency has brought together all aspects of life from the US and the rest of the world. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPyQ27svmjc).

Concerned world citizens attend the conference to renew, to learn and to continue to believe that our crisis list can be overcome through small steps of each individual.  I would invite those who are searching for answers, those who believe that real change is possible to look into Bioneers.  Be a part of this community and spread the word one person at time.