The most important structures in your entire energy field are the axes. Axes come in two varieties: the Central Axis and the Axis of Existence.I will try to summarize the information about your axes.
Remember back to elementary school, back to your days in geography class. You were taught that the earth rotated on an axis at a tilt angle. Well, indeed that is true and scientists today still measure that tilt angle. That axis I call the Central Axis.
The central axis of the earth is the central axis inside of you as well. To put it simply, you and the Earth share a Central Axis. The central axis is an energetic structure that threads its way through your kundalini and spinal column and all the way down through your DNA.
By and large the axis itself is stationary. The earth revolves around it. This gives the planet a stable consciousness. The fixed state of the axis (that is, its non-movement), is what firmly anchors the planet into its current state of consciousness which is 3rd chakra or 3rd dimension. The Central Axis then controls or regulates the dimension of consciousness of the planet and all of her inhabitants. If the axis would rotate, this would shift the entire dimensional state of consciousness on the planet! That is good news and bad news of course. The good news is that our state of consciousness is not flapping in the wind, constantly shifting so that we cannot adjust to any fixed reality. The stability of the axis of the planet is what guarantees consensus reality on the planet.  The bad news of course is that with it being so unmovable, it is more difficult to transcend beyond the planetary consciousness.
Enfolded into and within the central axis, and yet radiating out from it, is the Axis of Existence. If the Central Axis tells us that us that we are vibrating to 3rd dimensional consciousness, the Axis of Existence tells us that we are vibrating within that entire 3rd dimension to the specifics of Planet Earth. The Central Axis gives the ballpark GPS location while the Axis of Existence gives the section, row and seat. The Axis of Existence contains the exact vibrational frequency of everything on Planet Earth.
Shamans and spiritual adepts who are capable of maneuvering their axes are capable of shape shifting their consciousness so that they can actually be the consciousness of their desired intent or totem animal. Each person, object, land form, animal, mineral, country has a signature vibration and once you are capable of maneuvering what is most likely a rusty and stable axis, you can experience the entirety of the planet and her inhabitants.    
The two axes are inseparable and they move together. They are the ultimate universal consciousness play-toy and yet a potentially dangerous play-toy if you don’t really have the instruction book and a mentor. Let me give you an example of how this works at a more universal level.
Let’s suppose that one day I want to travel to the seventh dimension to the Spiritual Lineage libraries of Knowledge. To do that, to travel inter-dimensionally, what I would need to be able to do is rotate my Central Axis to just the right position for the 7th dimension, then rotate and flex my Axis of Existence to just the right location for those Libraries. But once there, I could read the Libraries. Better yet, I could be the Libraries.
In case you did not get the underlying importance of these structures, let me be unerringly clear. When you are able to rotate and flex your axes expertly enough, you can travel the Universe, be the Universe! This is the true meaning of enlightenment only as I write about it.
Of course, it should be said here, that learning how to move your stationary axes is what spiritual development is all about at either conscious or unconscious levels. And that takes great experience, patience and practice. And yet, I write about this so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that universal enlightenment is yours. It comes with the package deal. No exceptions.