Barbara Hofmann

The Children of Mozambique

Barbara shares her views on the children of Mozambique.  She founded ASEM.  ASEM is a French acronym for "Association en faveur de l'Enfance Mozambicaine," in English known as the  “Association for the Children of Mozambique.  For more information go to: and the ASEM site.

From Mary Page, Foundation for Global Humanity:

I had the honor and privilege to visit Barbara and the ASEM centers in Mozambique this year for almost 6 weeks. It was an experience that changed my life in many ways. I not only witnessed the material poverty that most people experience, but I observed the wealth of character, tradition and culture that Mozambicans hold. What Barbara and her staff have accomplished with improving the lives of so many children and families has left me in awe…of what one person’s contribution, perseverance and strength can do for so many. I interviewed many children who had gone through the ASEM centers and are now adults. To witness them sharing their life stories and the positive impact Barbara and those who worked with her at ASEM have had was so moving, I had to try and stifle tears and snuffing so that I wouldn’t spoil the filming. The amount of gratitude and love they have for Barbara and ASEM was so immense and overwhelming, I was completely humbled to have been able to witness the recounting of their lives and the successes they have achieved.

If you want to truly help improve the lives of those who are less fortunate, help them to get an education or vocational training, healthcare, psychological counseling, food and to believe in themselves. This is what Barbara and ASEM has done for the past 26 years, through civil war, droughts, floods, and the aids epidemic to help the children of Mozambique. The only way Barbara’s and ASEM’s success with improving the lives of the children can be accomplished, is through the help of sponsors, and donors like you and me. And they need help now. Please do what you can to contribute to ASEM so that they can continue to uplift the lives of those who need it most…the children…

For more information on how you can donate to ASEM or sponsor a child for education or vocational training, contact The King Baudouin Foundation United States.