About ASEM

Mozambique is a country devastated by 30 years of war (ending in 1992) followed by 3 years of the most serious drought of southern Africa and subsequent floods that have arguably caused more damage than the war itself. Since before the war ended, ASEM has served children in extreme poverty, victims of the HIV/AIDS, the orphaned and abandoned.

In the time since, ASEM has helped more than 20,000 children at the centers, with schooling, health care, shelter, psychological support, vocational training and more.

More than 700 children have been assisted in rejoining their families and getting reintegrated into their community.

Here is ASEM’s infographic video to learn about this organization:


Barbara Hofmann gives a powerful,inspiring and heartfelt account of how a Swiss financial manager like her ended up in Mozambique, not knowing that her life was about to begin with the children and their new lives in ASEM at TEDxTalksAmsterdamWomen. She recounts the many struggles of ASEM and the inspiration the children provided her and how, together against all odds, they built their own place in sun. She ends her talk invoking the goodness in people; challenging the audience to seize that very moment and help others in need; to end violence, greed and the vicious cycle of poverty that haunts and kills.

Here is Barbara’s TEDX talk: