Anne Renton, a talented Healer/Teacher and international feature and short film producer/director has just completed filming a dramatic comedy. 

The perfect family

The Perfect Family

This film is about a dysfunctional family comedy-drama directed by Anne Renton and starring Kathleen Turner, Emily Deschanel, Jason Ritter and Richard Chamberlain.  A devout Catholic who's running for the coveted Catholic Woman of the Year award at her church, Eileen Cleary (Turner) must prove that her family conforms to the image of the "perfect family" as envisioned by the church, an image she's put forth with considerable effort her whole life.  Eileen's facade catches up to her when she's forced to confront her very human family: her gay daughter, Shannon (Deschanel), who's about to marry her life partner; her unhappily married son, Frank Jr. (Ritter), who's just left his wife; and the painful secrets she'd rather not face about her own marriage to the long-suffering, loving Frank.

Here is the trailer:


Love is Love

Love Is Love

 “Sometimes it takes a little satire to wake up viewers to an unreasonable mindset. In first-time director Anne Renton's short, "Love is Love," the vocal majority of the world is gay. Heterosexuals are closeted and awkward, attempting to find their way to love in a confusing and unwelcoming world (using their straight-dar senses when necessary). As a woman confides in her therapist that the lesbian path was not meant for her, a man confesses to a bartender that he prefers women. Meanwhile, Jane Lynch's character literally preaches to the choir about the unexplainable practices of heterosexuals ("It's like kicking the Lord in the teeth"). The comedy is quick and biting, but behind the laughs remains a poignant message of tolerance. It is speedy in its seven-minute delivery but lasting in its intention.”  The Desert Sun.

You can view "Love is Love" below: