The F4GH team is profoundly grateful to everyone who has supported us personally and professionally throughout our lives.  The Foundation for Global Humanity wishes to acknowledge the following people and organizations for their contributions of time, talents, and generosity of spirit in the creation of this foundation:

  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing for giving us the courage and skills to heal ourselves and the desire and ability to help others heal. 
  • Patricia Fields, PsyD for her innovative work in Quantum healing. 
  • Joy Adler for her masterful skills of writing the very moving theme song for F4GH, “Dreamers of Our Future” and her angelic voice in singing it for us. 
  • Eileen O’Brien for her incredible musical talent and versatility playing the “Dreamers of Our Future”, providing original musical recordings to be interwoven throughout the creation of our DVDs and her generous donations from her new CD Hands Across the Water
  • Chris Gervang, for his technical wizardry (at age 14) in developing the Splash page for our Web site. 
  • The photographers who captured the beauty of their subjects for use in our Web site, and collateral materials: Nicole Alfaro, Linda Contreras (Picture of Eliana), Kristina Kincaid (Australian outback).
  • Danny Alfaro for his innovative creativity in composing and recording musical segments to be used in supporting the filmed material for documentaries.
  • The wondrous Native American flute music of Patricia White Buffalo from her Journey With Me CD that she has generously allowed us to use in our video clips, documentaries and featured on the Dreamers of Our Future recording.
  • The Monroe Institute for allowing us use of various segments of their beautiful, Hemi-sync® music for background inclusion in our collaborative Remote Viewing film project.
  • Rowena Lynch of the Santa Teresa Community in the Northern Territory of Australia for her beautiful aboriginal artwork entitled Honey Ants Dreaming used on the homepage of this site and on our brochure.
  • The Globe image used in our Splash page was supplied courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.