The Vision

The Foundation for Global Humanity’s vision is to help create deeper relationships with ourselves, each other, and our beautiful Earth. This evolutionary vision supports ways we can learn to live in the present with more compassion and respect for all life. In doing so, we co-create our future with awareness, consciousness and a love that will help to heal our human family and our planet, for ourselves and for generations to come. This vision is the basis of our mission. 

The Mission

The Foundation for Global Humanity is a non-profit organization whose mission is to explore and help to transform the evolution of human consciousness in this interesting and challenging time on our planet.

F4GH recognizes the magnitude of this mission as well as its overwhelming urgency. This is not taken lightly, nor do we feel that because of the magnitude and urgency, it is too big or too late to effect change. We instead are choosing to act with optimism, love, compassion, playfulness and joy...one dream, one project, one person at a time.

Our approach will focus on accomplishing our educational and transformational goals while evolving nondual, self-loving ways of living. Embodying this deep respect for ourselves will create a new respect and appreciation of Earth and her generous and precious gifts. We hope to model and mirror the full engagement of life while we do our work, as we honor the importance of joyfully engaging in the process and celebrating our contributions and accomplishments along the way.

F4GH provides awareness of different methodologies of healing via on-line explorations, documentaries, recordings and workshops. In addition to the development of these explorative ideas and information on spirituality and the nature of reality, we are working to record and preserve indigenous ways of knowing and healing.  Many indigenous cultures throughout the world understand and use physical and psychic energies in their traditional healing practices that are not well known in the West. These healing ways and methods, passed down for generations through stories, practices, rituals and ceremonies are in danger of becoming lost forever. So it is our intention to help these cultures preserve their language, knowledge of the plant world for medicines, and their cultural heritage so that their subsequent generations will be able to remember. When permission is granted to share these teachings and wisdom, we will most gratefully do so.

Highlighting contemporary pioneers in healing and personal evolution through film is another vehicle to communicate wise and useful information. It is our belief that the exposure, understanding, and practice of these indigenous and contemporary teachings will help us along our path in coming together to heal.

F4GH also takes action by adopting specific projects to provide clean drinking water, safe shelter, and other support to those who are in need around the world.  A recent project for which we have provided funds, is an orphanage in Guatemala called Casa Guatemala. They have 250 children ranging in age from infants to 18 years. One of their most urgent needs was to secure the housing where the children and staff sleep as they have been getting bitten by vampire bats. To protect the children they have replaced roofing, repaired ceilings and installed screens. See Supported Projects and Casa Guatemala, for more information on the orphanage. 

We are humbly inspired by the work of Eve Ensler and her V-Day organization as they work to provide refuge to women and girls who face unimaginable violence. For more information click here.

As our human family sits on the evolving cusp of transformation to a higher reality, through film, F4GH will continue to bring forth studies and explorations of the very constructs of our three-dimensional reality here on this planet.

We hope you see our vision as one that resonates with you...one that inspires you to participate in whatever way you can. We hope you share our passion for learning and healing and that you are moved to explore our written offerings, documentaries and projects to help our human family and beloved planet. We look forward to working together in a vision of love and healing for our Global Humanity.


We honor that place in you where the whole Universe resides.
When we are in that place in us and you are in that place in you,


Aloha    Namaste   Sawubona
Wir ehren Sie      Gassho      Ukarimu    Xin chao      Beannachtaí   Le honramos   Seyanemukela

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